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World Bank India launches Survey for International Civil Works Contractors

India is currently the largest Borrower of the World Bank Group. Current portfolio in India is about US$ 27 Billion, which involves extensive procurement of Works, Goods and Services by Government Agencies in India.

World Bank conducts the survey of potential bidders from time to time to obtain their feedback to help the Borrowers in finalizing their procurement strategies for these Projects. In case you are interested in participating in World Bank funded bidding opportunities in India, please provide your valuable suggestions and feedback using the following survey link:

Questionnaire for International Firms

The survey is intended for civil works contractors from Transportation, Infrastructure, Irrigation, Power/Energy, River Transport, Roadways, Urban Development, Waste Management, Water Supply and Sanitation sectors.

Deadline for completing the survey is: February 22, 2019

Please note: This notice is exclusively for compilation of information from potential bidders. It is not a prequalification, nor does is promise or guarantee award of any contract. Participation in this exercise is purely voluntary.