Good procurement systems a necessity for Gulf nations: World Bank

By: Muscat Daily staff writer | 17 Aug, 2016  Source: Muscat Daily

Muscat - Public procurement is an essential, cross-cutting element of governance reforms and good procurement systems are a necessity for Gulf countries, a World Bank report said on Wednesday.

In a report titled 'Reforming and modernizing public procurement in MENA', the World Bank said the three pillars of successful, effective governance...

Where transparency shines, prosperity will grow

By: Carlyn Hambuba | 14 Jul 16

In its bid to sustainably and efficiently manage government procurement processes and ensure that tax payers’ moneys are put to good use, Zambia’s President Edgar Chagwa Lungu launched the e-Government Procurement (e-GP) System on July 8, 2016.

The integrated e-GP system will be the first of its kind in sub Saharan Africa and is intended to improve the efficiency and accountability of public resources in Zambia. “Failure to properly manage public procurement processes can lead to wasted resources, efforts and poor development results,” the Zambian President Edgar Lungu...

World Bank guidance to boost effective procurement

By: Emma Rumney | 1 Jul 16

The World Bank has launched a new procurement framework today that aims to help countries make the most of their spending and enhance development through effective procurement practice. Approved by the bank’s board in July last year, the framework will govern procurement in bank-financed projects in 172 countries, in total worth around $56bn.

Deborah Wetzel, senior director of the bank’s governance global practice, said the modernised framework will enable the bank to work with partner countries to strengthen efficiency in public spending and procurement systems the world over. “This...