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The World Bank operates a Help Desk for Procurement Framework to assist frontline staff and clients to solve problems in real time — quickly and accurately. The Help Desk acts as a 24-hours/5 days a week one-stop shop, with coordinators in HQ and Country Offices covering all time zones with "experts" available to address questions on the Procurement Framework. Below, you'll find links to contact directly the Help Desk for Procurement Framework about questions you may have.

If you are a staff from a Borrower/client currently working on a project financed by a World Bank loan, grant or credit, the first point of contact for any clarifications and support on the Procurement Framework is the Task Team Leader (TTL) and the designated Procurement Specialist for the project. Please contact them with your question and/or request. If you are not working on a project but you have a question for clarification on policy or implementation matters related to the World Bank Procurement Framework, you may use the Help Desk facility.

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