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World Bank Experts Discuss Global Procurement Trends and Armenia's e-GP system with the National Assembly

Yerevan, March 19, 2019 - A World Bank delegation led by Vinay Sharma, Director, Solutions and Innovation in Procurement (SIP), met with Members of the National Assembly of Armenia to introduce the global trends in the use of technology in procurement and contract management, as well as the Bank's on-going work in this area by sharing experiences from other ECA countries.

V.S. Krishnakumar, ECA Practice Manager (SIP), Tanvir Hossain, Sr. Procurement Specialist for the South Caucasus, and Armine Aydinyan, Procurement Specialist, briefed parliament members in detail about the Bank's initiative for the Assessment of Alternative Procurement Arrangements (APA) and the progress on Strategic Procurement Plan. Current issues, challanges and development prospects of e-government procurement (e-GP) and Procurement Business Intelligence (BI) systems ini Armenia were presented and discussed. The Bank's team members also responded to several questions raised by MPs.