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Achievement of Value for Money and Enhancement of Efficiency, Economy and Transparency in Procurement - Document Archive System

Challenge(s) Addressed

Efficient storing and retrieving data was a challenge and the introduced DAS has addressed it.

The other challenges associated with the introduction of DAS were: collecting data from many different offices across the country and convincing the respective heads of the offices that the data would be properly secured.


The DAS enables any registered user to search and obtain information automatically within seconds.

Level of Innovation/Good Practice

The archiving system includes:

  • Customization and implementation of commercially off-the-shelf software
  • Deployment of necessary consultant to customize the software for RHD
  • Document digitization - scanning and archiving
  • Data entry, verification and validation
  • Supply of necessary hardware and software for complete functioning of the system
  • Training and capacity building
  • Operation, maintenance and warranty support

DAS has features of intelligent searching (full text search, advance search and global search), document life cycle management and approval workflow, security, access control, reporting and dashboard etc. The system will be integrated with RHD-MIS, RHD web site and data center of RHD.

Replicability and Sustainability

Officially, the DAS is used in RHD Headquarters and division level in a sustainable manner. The system can be easily replicated at national, sub-national or ministerial and departmental levels with some customization.

Lessons Learned
  • It takes time and effort to collect and digitize data but once it is done, data storage and retrieval becomes efficient; and
  • Security of data being important, the software used by RHD, including Enadoc, protects from breach of data security.