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New Open Contracting Data Standard for e-Procurement Systems Launched


Open Contracting Partnership has launched a new guide on Open Contracting Data Standard functional requirements for Electronic Government Procurement Systems is launched in December 2018. This is to provide advice concerning the Opening Contracting Data Standard (OCDS) for those involved in designing and implementing e-GP projects and in particular:

  • Governments, sub-national governments and public sector organisations wishing to include Open Contracting and the OCDS functional requirements in new e-GP systems being planned or procured or to upgrade their existing e-GP systems to include Open Contracting and the OCDS.
  • Other key e-GP stakeholders e.g.
    • Multilateral and bilateral development organisations providing support to their clients in acquiring e-GP systems;
    • Technical consultants advising their clients on the development of technical requirements for the tender document for new e-GP systems;
    • e-GP system vendors wishing to consider configuring their systems to provide Open Contracting and OCDS.

It enables a new e-GP system to be implemented open by design and can help governments deliver commitments under their Open Government Partnership Action Plans.

For more details and access the Guide, click below: