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Learning Videos launched on STEP, online tracking tool on procurement for World Bank Projects

Learning Videos launched on STEP, online tracking tool on procurement for World Bank Projects

World Bank has launched learning and troubleshooting video resources on STEP (Systematic Tracking of Exchanges in Procurement), the online tracking tool used in all Investment Financing projects of the Bank. STEP is an online system to help the World Bank and borrowers plan and track procurement activities under Bank-financed projects. It transforms data into knowledge, speeds up the procurement process, and improves accountability and transparency – driving results for development.

Covering a host of issues and aspects the videos explain the rationales for various steps and activities in STEP and also guides the internal and external users on actions to be taken when they are at a particular activity in the STEP process.

Produced as part of digital resources for facilitating online and hands on support to STEP users, the learning videos cover the following areas:


  • Introduction to STEP and its End Uses
  • STEP: Helping Clients Procure Better and Faster to Achieve Results
  • Need for Sequential Processing in STEP Roadmap
  • Benefits of using UNSPSC Codes in STEP
  • Changing Review Process in STEP
  • Different Methods of creating Implementation Agencies in STEP
  • Role of Procurement Specialist in Review in STEP
  • Trouble Shooting Tips- “I don’t find Send button”, Shall I use MS Excel for Uoploading Procurement Plans
  • STEP Support for you

Launched at Procurement iNET, the world’s largest knowledge and networking platform for public procurement with a membership of 63000 from about 185 countries, the learning videos is part of the outreach and training resources rolled out by the Solutions and Innovations in Procurement, Governance Global Practice (SIP-GGP) of the World Bank to help the borrowers and staff for implementing the Procurement Framework 2016, effective 1 July 2016. The learning videos can be accessed at: