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End-to-End Procurement Planning and Maintenance System Integrated with Project MIS

Challenge(s) Addressed

With the introduction of the MIS, records for the newly initiated procurement processes and contract management can now be filed and obtained rapidly and efficiently. The system allows updating of information and easy access to the required procurement and contract management details with a click of single button. This innovative development has also addressed other major challenges like the recording and retrieval of various stage-wise documentation relating to the budget and grant sanctioning system, procurement plan, advertisement, bid evaluation reports, performance securities, contracts, goods received vouchers, job completion certificates, payment forms etc.


The MIS generates various types of project and procurement reports when needed; helps in automatic calculation of liquidated damages for any defaulting contractor/supplier. This enhances transparency and accuracy of calculations and prevents contracts cancelations; and automatically shares awarded contracts delivery schedule with different regions as required. The system also serves as a database of all suppliers/contractors/consultants making it easy to reach out to any potential service providers. It securely stores important procurement documents and makes them accessible. This system is all-in-one that includes the whole A to Z processes of Procurement and Contract Management with proper tracking and can be operated at anytime from anywhere.

Level of Innovation/Good Practice

The MIS allows quick turn-round time and provides on-time information when required. It begins with Approved Procurement Plan, triggers initiation of procurement package, keeps track of Procurement Stages, Award of Contract, Registration of Supplier’s Details; Submission of Contract for Allotment (to Finance Unit), Sharing Contract with Regions/Location; Contract Amendment (if any), Detailed Information on Completion/Delivery of Works and Supply or Services, Issuance of GRV as Appropriate, Issuance of Inspection Report as Appropriate, Submission of Invoice by Supplier, Submission of Documents to Finance for Payment, and Closure of Contract (triggered by Payment Completion).

Replicability and Sustainability

The MIS is easy to replicate and is user-friendly. The leadership of Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock has a plan to use this system both for all donors (World Bank, AFD, IFAD, UNDP, etc.) and government-funded projects. This will lead to standardization and e-governance of procurement and further increase in value for money. The MIS is easy to sustain as the government is fully supportive of it.

Lessons Learned

When the required Information Technology is provided to manage procurement and contract management, it ensures quality results relating to project implementation. Automated systems allow for connectivity among the participants in the value chain, namely the Procurement Unit, Contract Management Unit and Bidders/Contractors/ Suppliers and Consultants. It makes contract and procurement process implementation effective and easy. Furthermore, it helps complete contracts on time.