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Bangladesh to strengthen public procurement with World Bank supported Project

30 July 2017

The World Bank has approved a project worth $55 million for strengthening the country's public procurement.

The $55 million Digitizing Implementation Monitoring and Public Procurement Project, will help Bangladesh improve public procurement performance, including its capacity to monitor implementation of development projects and programmes using digital technology, the World Bank statement said.

According to concerned officials, Bangladesh spends over $7 billion yearly on public procurement, which constitutes about 70 percent of the annual development programme.

The World Bank helped Bangladesh roll out electronic procurement (e-GP) in four key public procuring entities in 2011, and establish a high capacity data center in 2016 to accommodate increasing demand for electronic procurement. The new project will expand e-GP to all 1300 government procuring organizations, the statement said.

The project will help the Implementation Monitoring and Evaluation Division effectively monitor the execution of annual development programs by establishing a single online platform connecting all public sector organizations.