A K Kalesh Kumar

Capacity Building Coordinator- Procurement , Governance Global Practice at The World Bank


When you are introducing a change very different from what has been in practice for over 2 decades;

When you have to reach out those changes to clients in over 170 countries; and

When face to face training cannot meet the urgency;

The method and the solutions for that outreach also have to be very different. With the introduction of Procurement Framework 2016, through www.procurementinet.org/wbnpf , a medium of continuous engagement, World Bank is doing just that!

Using the world’s largest Community of Practice in public procurement launched by the Governance Global Practice of World Bank for learning and networking, a series of learning resources are offered to clients. These include: customized e-leaming programs for Borrowers; nuggets of information on key aspects in Video formats by experts; formats and templates of all key documents including Standard Procurement Documents; dedicated 24/5 days Help Desk for staff and borrowers; blogs, news and updates, etc. With over 50,000 members from around 190 countries, www.procurementinet.org/wbnpf is the right medium to reach out on this important development in procurement profession for the borrowers and other external stakeholders.

The 15 hour long e-learning program released in four stages is developed on the ‘Procurement Regulations for Borrowers’ using an array of tested techniques like case studies, simulations, guided discovery, experimentation, etc. to meet the varied learning styles of adult learners. The e-learning curriculum also brings in video inputs from members of senior management and experts involved in development of the Framework for reinforcing the written content. Supplemented with other digital resources; news, blogs and updates; interactive webinars, chat forums and Help Desk, the initiative offers a medium of continuous engagement with World Bank clients.

First module on ‘Overview of the Procurement Framework’ released on 30 June 2016 covers the introduction, core procurement principles, general considerations, roles and responsibilities of Borrowers and Bank and Governance aspects of the Regulations. Second module on 'Developing Project Procurement Strategy for Development’ will take the learner through a simulated experience of the process of PPSD development. This module will be released by end July 2016 at the website. Module on ‘Approved Selection methods’ expected to be released in mid-August 2016, will take the learner through various methods, market approach mechanisms and special contracting arrangements introduced by the World Bank. The fourth module on ‘General and Specific Provisions’ will explain the specificities of procurement conditions for goods, works, non-consulting services and consulting services.

So be part of the change and engage, log on to www.procurementinet.org/wbnpf and enroll for the e-learning programs today!